Introducing Racegraph

In various media centers at races all around the world multitudes of motorsports journalist pore over the lap analysis charts after each session, reading the lap times like tea leaves, trying to form an idea of how the race is going to play out.

I’m someone who loves to know who’s fast over a long run, not just one lap but it takes some time to figure all of that out when reading a lap chart.

To meet that need, I decided to develop an chart tool to make interactive line charts out of lap analysis charts.  It’s taken a couple of late nights to get it out the door but now it’s ready for tentative public consumption.

This was all built with a combination of PHP, MySQL, Google Visualization API, and a dab of Javascript.  Feel free to send feedback to the ol’ twitter feed at @ACLR8Tweets or send an email to  There’s a lot more functionality to come, but for now it’s a tender beta, stretching its legs.  Enjoy.