Track Etiquette

It’s that magical time of year when all that pent up aggression and lust for speed can be unleashed upon the racetrack.  However unless you are obscenely wealthy you’ll have to share the track with others.  If you wish to behave like a gentleman or a polite lady when sharing the track with others here are a few points of etiquette I’ve learned over the years

Paddock Etiquette

  1. If you borrow tools, return them as promptly as possible.  Clean them off if any dirt or fluid got on them.
  2. If you see someone frantically thrashing on their car, do not interrupt, unless it’s to offer a hand.  Or to alert them to the fact that something is on fire.
  3. Do not miss the driver’s/rider’s meeting.
  4. If you’re an instructor, show up on time so that you don’t waste your student’s track time.
  5. If someone wants to hear how much power your car has or what your lap time is, they’ll ask.
  6. Give people a hand getting their bike on and off their truck/trailer.
  7. If you see track workers trying to get lunch, let them go to the front of the line.  Usually they don’t get much time to eat.

On-track Etiquette

  1. If you gave a point by to a car that is the same speed or slower than yours in a straight line, lift to allow him to get by.
  2. If there are multiple faster cars piling up behind you, make sure you give clear point-by motions for each of them to get by.  Breathe off the throttle if necessary to help them get by before the next set of turns.
  3. Do not ride someone’s bumper unless they are not giving you a point by.  If you’re in a Corvette, no need to be all over the back of a Miata.
  4. If someone is on your ass, they got there because they are faster than you.  Give them a point-by.
  5. Do not block pass people (motorcycles)
  6. If you are having trouble passing someone cleanly because they have more power than you, do not dive bomb them.  Pull in and get some space. (motorcycles)
  7. Apologize if you dive-bombed, block passed, or otherwise pulled a jerk move on someone