Chart Humor

Inspired by Chartgeist from Wired magazine, I decided to make some fake charts to poke fun at a few issues in Moto GP.  Chart humor will probably be a weekly thing on the @ACLR8Tweets Twitter feed, so long as I can keep coming up with ideas.  Here are the first three of hopefully many:

Introducing Racegraph

In various media centers at races all around the world multitudes of motorsports journalist pore over the lap analysis charts after each session, reading the lap times like tea leaves, trying to form an idea of how the race is going to play out. I’m someone who loves to know who’s fast over a long … Continue reading “Introducing Racegraph”

2010 Moto GP Gaps

The 2010 Moto GP season has come to a close and there is not much to do during the long winter test ban but sit and reflect. After watching the unusually entertaining season finale at Valencia I got to thinking about whether the racing was in fact closer this year. Now that four seasons of … Continue reading “2010 Moto GP Gaps”