Decision Tree: When You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Tools from Harbor Freight

If you’re an enthusiast who works on their own vehicle, the sweet temptation of cheap tools at Harbor Freight is hard to resist.  But if you’ve bought enough stuff from Harbor Freight you have probably had at least one experience with deep frustration and outright failure due to some of Harbor Freight’s lower quality offerings. … Continue reading “Decision Tree: When You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Tools from Harbor Freight”

Mr. Canyon Carver

One of my favorite beer commercials was the Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” series. I thought it’d be fun to take the concept and apply it to auto/moto enthusiasts. I present to you, Mr. Canyon Carver. Big thanks to my buddy David Goodspeed who did the voiceover.

Hyperfest 2013 Part 2 – OPP (Other People’s Pics)

Some people drifted successfully, some did not Large slip angles and close proximity is occasionally going to end in tears. Craig Grieco Photography Some pro shots of the on-track action at Hyperfest taken by Burst Method Someone getting punted into a rollover in the Spec E30 race: The actual rollover contest: The ever popular Daisy … Continue reading “Hyperfest 2013 Part 2 – OPP (Other People’s Pics)”

Aclr8 at Hyperfest 2013

So this year marked the second time I set up shop with an Aclr8 booth at Hyperfest.  The first time was more of a just drop by and check things out deal with little prep and less signage.  Predictably, that didn’t go particularly well. This year I expanded on things quite a bit, got the … Continue reading “Aclr8 at Hyperfest 2013”